OEBB Revamping

Alstom 6000

Siemens Desiro

Siemens Avenio

Railway World

Since 1987 Ellamp has been designing and manufacturing components and Interior Systems for public road and railway transport. With 4 factories all around the World (Italy, Turkey, Mexico and China) Ellamp is able to offer its customers, builders, coachbuilders and fitters a tailor made flexible service with a global approach, starting from initial design project up to the delivery of finished product. As a supplier of complete systems and interior finishes, as well as a manufaturer of single quality components, Ellamp has been able to gain the trust of the most important international groups in public transport sector over time. Since We are part of PRETTL Group, We are now able to add wiring harnesses and cabinet to our product range, thanks to the PRETTL Railtech division.

Alstom – Pendolino

Ceiling panels, Lighting system, Individual reading lights

Siemens – Desiro UK

Air duct – Lighting system

Alstom – Series 6000

Lighting system

OEBB Austria – Revamping

Cover panels – Lighting system – Luggage rack – Reading light modules

Leon d’Oro – Revamping

Cover panels – Air duct – Lighting system – Luggage rack

Bombardier – Flexity

Lighting reglettes

Siemens – Avenio

Lighting reglettes

Ellamp Systems S.R.L.

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Office & Production:
Via Rossini 7 21020 Bodio Lomnago (VA) - Italy

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