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Accessories and components for a high level of bus customization.

Weight reduction & Innovation

Air channels and Lighting systems for Citybus.

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R&D department complete of Concept Design, Electronic Design, Quality and Testing capabilities.

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Complete systems, accessories and smart solutions for Coach bus.


Ellamp Systems offer a 3 different standard solutions for Minibus, each of them diversified in terms of standard equipment and standard accessories on request. All the solutions are designed and manufactured in compliance of current safety regulations. For all Minibus solutions, Customization is possible On Request, to reach every need and vehicles technical characteristic. Contact Us for get more informations and Our latest Standard Products Catalogue.


The electrification process of Buses is involving more brands and more CityBus vehicles category. As result of this growing demand, Ellamp Systems is constantly looking for the best Interior fitting solutions, which  meet the needs of Innovation, Weight Reduction and Eco Friendly Values on its products. Another important topic is Air Quality Index, kept within safe values; ETRA product has been designed for reduce significantly VOCs, Virus and Bacteria inside Bus with tested efficiency. For more informations, see Our Standard Products Catalogue or ask a quotation for Custom Solution Development.

Coach & Midibus

The Coach Bus is distinguished by higher quality materials and general premium range setting. Our solutions  in addition to these aspects, have high flexibility and configurability with all various accessories available in Standard Catalogue. We pay close attention to passenger comfort and accessibility to a wide range of additional services by researching innovative products as OnBoard and Skylight Concepts. For more informations, consult Our Standard Catalogue or Innovations Brochure.

Intercity bus

As for the Coach Bus, also with the Intercity Bus we offer highly customizable solutions with various accessories available in the Standard Catalogue. A peculiar aspect of our Intercity solutions, is the possibility of choosing 2 stndard height measurements for the loading panel access, to offer the greatest loading volume. For more informations, consult Our Standard Catalogue or ask a quotation for Custom Solution Devlopment.


Ellamp Systems is always looking for innovative solutions, which meet the needs to reduce environmental impact, energy efficiency and improve passenger comfort, starting from City Buses with short journeys up to Coaches with longer stays on board. Our innovation products, follow a precise development process, starting from surveys conducted with some User models, involved with public transports. On request we offer custom innovation development services, with attention to the specific needs of customers and Vehicles Layout concerned. For more informations, request for our Innovation Brochure.


Don’t looking for complete Interior System but for single Components and Accessories? We offer a wide selction of parts appliable on every bus condition, from Citybus (handrail connectors, Wireless Stop buttons, USB charger etc.) to Coachbus (service set gamma, spacers, step lights etc…). All available components are viewable on Standard Catalogue.

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