We have 4 production plants around the world, to be ever closer to our customers. Thanks to PRETTL Group synergy, We are able to increase covered World areas, according to clients geografic positions.

Attention to Details

An aspect that distinguishes us in the Market, is the care dedicated during assembly process. The continuous dialogue with customer, makes Our products more responsive to various requirements.

Electronics Capabilities

We have a site for the production of the electronic components and a department dedicated to quality control of sofwares, hardware and final electronic products full functionalities.

Internal Processing

We have internal strumentation useful for the processing of semi-finished products. In this way, We are able to respond quickly to different design requirements.

Testing Phases

Each internally assembled product is carefully inspected and controlled. With the help of internal testers, We ensure the correct full functionalities of electric and electronic parts.

Interior Solutions for a World in Motion

A World of Interiors

For over 35 years, Ellamp has been involved in the Design and productions of components and systems for buses and trains. Its innovative and international approach, its design, the flexibility, the products quality and offered services, have allowed it to be the market reference point. Recently, all this has become part of PRETTL Group, allowing ELLAMP Systems to expand its boundaries, its technologies, its products and its strength. In fact the Group has over 40 industrial offices around the world, numerous technologies and is certainly among the leaders in the automotive, appliance and energy sectors. All these synergies, allow ELLAMP Systems to face new challenges with renewed energy

Our Vision




Our Services

Concept & Design

Ellamp Systems offers a Concept & Style Development Service, performed by a Design Department stablished in Italy.


An R&D technical team composed of mechanical and electronics designers, is responsible for developing the concepts and specific requests of various customers.

Quality Control

The quality of Our products is regularly subjected to strict tests, subjected by regulations and guaranteed by a specific internal Quality Control Department.


An R&D technical team composed of mechanical and electronics designers, is responsible for developing the concepts and specific requests of various customers.


Our products are completed by a vast of Electronics components internally produced, ranging from traditional 12/24V LED Strips up to more complex Lighting Smart Management Control Unit as ILC (Intelligent Lighting Control).

Production Plants

Best On Site Conditions is an important value We are able to offer Our clients. According to different projects and supply requirements, we can reduce distance to client, for optimize delivery costs, timing and environmental impact.


We offer various systems delivery options as CBU (Fully Assembled solution), CKD (Fully Disassembled solution) or SKD (Partially Disassembled solution), to meet customers needs, reduce costs, and environmental impact.

From Concept to Product

Our products are part of our history, and resume all experience accrued in more than 35 years. For this reason on each Ellamp product, we invest lot of time with R&D starting from Concept design phase, which help to find the best looking and practical solution. At the end, concept volume are engineered and developed with support of our technicians. The contnuous dialogue between Style and Technical Departments, increase the R&D performances reducing developing timing and allow Our products to be optimized and very faithful to original concepts.

Ellamp Systems S.R.L.

Registered Office:
Via Morazzone 5 21100 Varese - Italy

Office & Production:
Via Rossini 7 21020 Bodio Lomnago (VA) - Italy

Via Verdi 10 21020 Bodio Lomnago (VA) - Italy