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16th May 2024

Busworld Istanbul 2024

Ellamp Systems is pleased to inform you that we will be present at Busworld 2024 in Istanbul from the 29th till the 31st of May 2024.

It will be an opportunity to show You our vision about the future and all the new products.

8th November 2022

Automotive Interiors EXPO

Our first exhibition together with our colleagues from PRETTL Lighting and Interiors (PLI).


29th July 2022

A New Beginning

Ellamp Systems is pleased to inform you that we will be present both at Innotrans 2022 and IAA Transportation 2022 as well.

It will be an opportunity to show you the new company, Our products and services, and tell you about Our future vision. Further updates will follow shortly with the location of our exhibition stand.

Stay Tuned


1st July 2022

Ellamp Business is now part of Prettl Group

We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 1 July 2022 Ellamp Systems srl took over the activity of Ellamp S.p.A. by virtue of a company lease.

The aforementioned Ellamp Systems s.r.l. is a company belonging to the Prettl Group (, a multinational founded in 1953 with a Group turnover of approximately 1.2 billion euro, with industrial sites all over the world (over 45 industrial plants) and with 5 types of activities (Automotive, Appliances, Energy, Electronics, Build-up).

Furthermore, the technologies and products of the Prettl Group will certainly be useful in the industrial synergies that we can be built for the benefit of our Customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

18th February 2020

Ellamp launch new Indoor air cleaning Photocatalyst module

Photocatalyst module is for reduction of bacteria, viruses, bad smells and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

One of the most important topic globally speaking is the microbiological safety. Globalization is today one of the main causes of the spread of diseases and in the worst cases of human casualties. The means of Transportation vehicles are most frequented environments by people where it’s needed to reduce the microbiological risk and preserving the indoor air quality.

For this reason, Ellamp has Developed and Patented an air sanitizing system integrated into air recirculation and air conditioning supply devices. The air disinfection process takes place by photocatalyst effect based on visible light effect. The system works with air passing through a laminated plastic grid which acts as a mechanical support to the catalyst coat and chemical reaction ignite by traditional white colored LED strip.

By working in the visible light spectrum any light source shield is needed and system can operate continuously even in the presence of passengers. Catalyst is a base of tungsten trioxide coat (does not combine with pathogenic elements producing other dangerous substance) that releases electrons when hit by visible light; these electrons combine with the hydrogen molecules generating hydroxyls.

Hydroxyl groups (or radicals) have a high capacity to attack at the molecular level the surrounding pathogen elements contained in the air. The products as results of this process are just water vapor, carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, all of them non-hazardous to human health.

Radicals effectiveness is proven against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, odors and volatile organic compounds. Furthermore, system can boast several advantages as:

– Long life coating, catalyst does not wear out and loses its effectiveness, in a few words it does not get deteriorated and electrons released to the formation of radicals are regenerated thanks to the air contact

– Affordable solution, just using visible light with simple LED strip as lighting source

– Modular system, thanks to standard sized catalyst unit scalable and attachable to other similar, according to specific project air recirculation and air conditioning layout (both on new projects and exhisting buses)

7th October 2019

Back to the Future

The company plans to develop its technologies in the areas of electronic, plastic and lighting products, also thanks to the participation on the corporate board of national and international partners operating in these sectors.

It will also continue with the global production footprint of five factories in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Turkey and China and expand sales to new territories. A new branch was established in the United States of America and another new branch is scheduled to open in the UK by the end of 2019.

The new focus is not only on territorial expansion, but also on investments in sustainability and digitalization: modular and light products, with particular attention to the needs of the entire mobility chain that will transform the current business model.

From a strategic point of view the new model foresees partnerships already active with important industrial realities in the railway and aeronautical sector.

26th October 2017

Ellamp introduces Intelligent Lighting Control

The thirty year old Ellamp presents Lighting Control on the Temsa Avenue Electron. This is an integrated lighting concept in which lighting can be adapted to the circumstances and the environment. The intensity and colour shading of lighting is adjusted to the outside ligt and temperature in real time. This significantly increases passenger comfort. Simultaneously, considerable savings are realized on power consumption because the light never radiates too strongly. After all, the light intensity is determined by the available outdoor light.


11th October 2017

Ellamp 30th year Anniversary at Busworld 2017

There’s no better opportunity to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Ellamp Group than Bus World Europe (Kortrijk) 2017.

At our booth in the main area of the exhibition, The Rambla, we will gladly present the latest innovations that reconfirm Ellamp’s position as the leading bus interior pioneer in the industry – a position we’ve held for the last 30 years.

Our new Multiset lines combine the attractive style of our top designer, Alberto Rigoni, and the latest technologies to offer high-quality performance consoles with modern lines.

An innovative lighting system, the ILC (Intelligent Lighting Control), will allow bus operators to actively change the set-up of the ambient lighting according to the environmental conditions.

The air curtain, which has been specifically designed for the citybus, increases passenger comfort by means of a dynamic air flow installed over the doors. Low electrical consumption with optimized efficiency offers the perfect solution for citybusses during severe weather conditions.

We’ll be waiting for you with a glass of Italian Prosecco to help celebrate this important milestone. (BOOTH R26/B)

20th September 2016

Innotrans 2016. Luggage Rack InnoVation.

Ellamp has recently established partnership with ALMA Design, a Portuguese dynamic young company renowned for their innovative and stylish designs. Innotrans 2016 is the place where the new cooperation will be presented.
Synonymous with durability, Ellamp luggage racks and interior systems combine the benefits of high functionality, long-lasting performance and a high-quality manufacturing. In merging Ellamp technical expertise and best-in-class craftsmanship with a contemporary design approach provided by a market leader such as ALMA design, we are better able to meet the specific needs of the railway transportation market. So regardless of your particular project, Ellamp and ALMA can deliver maximum functionality, style and performance while saving you time, costs and headaches.
Visit us in Hall 1.1/406, at the PRP (Portuguese Railway Platform) stand, to discover how Ellamp and ALMA can improve the level of service and comfort for your passengers by ensuring that every solution features the right mix of advanced technology, optimized aesthetics and Italian craftsmanship to meet your evolving transportation needs.
Looking forward to meet you at INNOTRANS 2016.

16th May 2016

Busworld is about to start in Beijing, with Ellamp right up front.

After Istanbul, Ellamp moves to Beijing for Busworld China, the most important trade event in the great Asian country for the bus and coach industry. As in Istanbul, Ellamp is playing on its home field in Beijing. In fact, China is one of the five countries in the world to host an Ellamp production facility, together with Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico. Ellamp is able to offer to its customers – manufacturers, coachwork shops, and custom vehicle builders – customized, flexible and comprehensive solutions for equipping buses of all sizes, starting from the initial design study through the delivery of finished products. From May 23 to May 25, Ellamp will present its complete range of products and solutions for bus, minibus and coach interiors – including internal systems, modular systems and individual components – at Stand 3505 in the New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing.

9th May 2016

Prossima fermata: Busworld Turkey.

A Istanbul dal 14 al 17 aprile apre le porte Busworld Turkey, il più importante appuntamento dell’industria dei coach e dei bus per i mercati della Turchia e dei Paesi EMEA. A Busworld Turkey Ellamp gioca in casa: la Turchia è infatti uno dei cinque Paesi nel mondo a ospitare un proprio stabilimento di produzione, insieme con l’Italia, la Spagna, il Messico e la Cina. Ellamp è in grado di offrire ai propri clienti – costruttori, carrozzieri e allestitori – un servizio su misura, flessibile e dall’approccio globale, a partire dal progetto iniziale di design sino alla consegna del prodotto finito.
Allo stand D16 – Hall 11 dell’Expo Center di Istanbul Ellamp presenterà al pubblico dei visitatori professionali la gamma completa di prodotti e soluzioni per interni.

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