The PRETTL group aims to make a significant contribution to a livable environment and help secure the livelihoods of future generations. To achieve this, they are systematically and forcefully driving their sustainability goals forward.

In 2020, a commitment to climate protection was launched with the PRETTL GoZero initiative. The project outlines the company group’s path to climate neutrality in the four areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies, green electricity, and compensatory measures.

Increase energy efficiency.

Utilize renewable energies.

Expand the use of green electricity.

Offset unavoidable CO2 emissions with compensatory measures.

This comprehensive understanding of sustainability connects all five business areas, our companies, and all employees at the PRETTL group. Together, we are working on solutions for the challenges of the future.

Our sustainability and climate protection goals

The foundation for sustainable and climate-friendly production was already laid together with Bosch Climate Solutions in 2019.

With appropriate measures, we are optimizing our locations to become CO2-neutral and resource-saving production sites.

In the interview discussing the progress of our efforts in the PRETTL GoZero project, Lisa Reethen, Managing Director of Bosch Climate Solutions, and Halit Oluk, Global Head of Energy and Sustainability, discuss the challenges and successes of the project thus far, as well as what the next steps will be.

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